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Mythical Online Rates

We used to show live online rates on our websites. The problem was that the rates we almost never what you would actually qualify for. We advertise to people over 50 years old with health issues and only 2% of that age group is going to qualify for the best rate class possible. Most often, people would hit our website, choose $1,000,000 and do one of two things. Be shocked at the price and leave, never discussing the rates with a professional, and never truly finding out what their specific rate would be. Or they would see a great price and complete a form for us to call them. Once that call happened realize that they didn't actually choose the right health rate class and would be disappointed that they didn't qualify for the rate they were excited about. Neither of these options is helpful to you or us.

Life insurance is different than car insurance or health insurance in that there isn't a software program that can ask you all the questions needed to get an accurate quote, plus pull your medical records and lab results in real time to verify your health answers and give you an accurate rate. Sure there are ads all over saying you can get coverage with no medical questions and no exam, but those rates are NEVER the best possible option and are priced much higher than most people will qualify for. We don't sell that garbage. Now we do sell products that don't require an exam, but our do require actual underwriting including the insurance company getting medical records and previous lab results. That is the only way you get the lowest price possible in life insurance. Your medical records, unlike your driving records and prescription histories are not available online.

So, if we provided live quotes, they would be inaccurate 98% of the time and that is not what we advertise. Now if you prefer to get a fake quote, we can send you those at your request but they are a waste of your time. There are plenty of websites that do that. If you are less than 40 years old, with no medications, perfect weight, and no health history, you are in the 2% that can get a very good quote from a website with not agent involved. That is not who we advertise to.

Now, you are likely concerned that when you talk to someone you are going to be pushed into buying something. Most insurance agents are like that, but we don't use those techniques. We assume that you need life insurance when you call. If you don't actually have a need we don't have any interest in quoting you because it is a waste of time. For most of our clients with health issues, who aren't in the 2% above, Life Insurance is a process. You can't buy it from us today and there is no reason to pressure you into anything. First there is either an exam or a phone interview with the insurance company to gather information. Then the insurance company usually needs to get medical records from your doctor which takes some time. Then, and only then will an offer for insurance be made. If you were honest with us on the front end, and we did a proper job of asking questions, that offer will match our rate quote. But, if all you got was a fake quote from a website, the chances of that happening are next to zero.

Whether or not you talk to an agent for 10 minutes to get a real quote, the rest of the of the work and time is the same. It is frankly a waste of your time and ours to spend a couple months underwriting your health only to end up with a price that is wildly outside of what you wanted or could afford, especially when we could have figured that out in a few minutes on a phone call. Life insurance is not about guessing and hoping the underwriter let's an application slip through without paying close attention, and you will benefit from us doing the work upfront to make sure you get the right rate and go to the right insurance company the first time. We only get paid once you have received the offer, and paid the premium for the first year. If we don't get you the best rate, and you go elsewhere for a better rate, we make nothing. It is in our best interest to get you a rate that no one else can touch, and we do it everyday.​

We are the best in the industry at what we do, and there is no time for mythical quotes. - Big Lou

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