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Who Is Big Lou?

Big Lou® is the Brand Name used in advertising created by TermProvider in 2014.  Big Lou is an every person idea, meaning, that he is just like most of our clients in that he needs Insurance/Medicare and has a few health glitches.  Many people find it difficult to navigate the Insurance marketplace if they are overweight, have diabetes, or other health issues. Big Lou's® mission is to make the process as simple and understandable as possible. We educate our clients on what goes on behind the scenes during the  Insurance process to help them understand what is required and in the end find the best rate possible. 


A quote is just a quote until a policy is in your hand, and any agent can look at a computer program and give you a potential number. Big Lou® aims to get you the right price the first time so there are no surprises when the policy is approved.  We don't play the bait and switch game by quoting an unrealistic price for your health profile and try to push to take a higher price later. If you are honest with us about what is contained in your Medical Records, Driving History, and Prescription History, we will get you the lowest price period and the best coverage as well.

Upfront. Honest. Dependable People. That is who you find at Big Lou Medicare®

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